how to text a girl

hey, guys, it's Tiffany welcome back to my channel it's really gloomy outside and cold rainy and gross out.

It's Thursday today, and that means time for a lovely article and today I wanted to talk about rules of texting girls.

I wrote and article before about how to flirt over text, but today I'm going to talk about how to text in general like how you should like do your texting behavior when it comes to girls.

Now I'm not trying to say that all girls are like this I'm not trying to say that you have to do this but this article is for people who just typed in this question and want answers and help and guidelines and I'm here to give those to you.

So let's get right into it the first thing that I would like to say when it comes to texting girls is you have to seem attentive.

And yeah, a quick shoutout if you are looking for things to ask a girl on text or on a date, have a quick reference to the article on lifehacks. The link right below.

21 Good Questions To Ask A Girl


Show that you care about what she says or her in general so yeah, show interest in her and her behaviors and her hobbies and what she does with her life and that can be a good one, and also it's important to. Cuz I feel like sometimes there's just like myths about guys having to be really like hard-to-get I guess so it comes to sex in like they have to stay away then shouldn't text too often. Whenever like that but girls don't like being put on red or whatever like that they can't appreciate that so do reply but make sure that you don't overdo it don't send her too many texts to own flood her with text but do reply within like 10 to 5 minutes if you can.

If you can't then, it's no problem, but it's fun for her to be able to stay in conversation with you. I said on a note of being attentive towards her it's important to remember the things she said about herself and not repeat the same questions because that can seem like you weren't paying attention. When she initially told you so try to stay away from repeating questions to her, and it's also fun to be able to recall stuff that was the bell ringing.

The next one is proper spelling this might sound strange, but it's really really unattractive if you're spelling your stuff wrong so make sure that you write out full sentences you make sure that you don't make any spelling errors.

Because that could just seem kind of I don't know.

It's like sometimes spelling can just be like the side of like basic intelligence or like you don't you spelling. It can be like really neck legit you know like really lazy like spelling it's quite complicated, but like generally it's not that hard.

I mean of course there's like these stuff, but you're just like I don't these things like that was just like the grabber say these things that are just complicated.

Whatever it especially if it's not like your native language whatever but try to put effort into getting your sentences right and stuff.

Because I could just look a lot in either a good time to text a girl would be at night because then she has timing you have time to he's not busy with work friends whatever she's doing school um and she has all the time in the world to text.

So if you don't know like, I must say something or like should I say now try it saving it for the night, and also you can be more available at night and then during the day be a little bit more like at a distance because you have a life.

You know it's very important that you do convey that you have a life but don't be like this negligent person. It just doesn't reply it leaves you in red, and it's just annoying as fuck because girls these days are like you either want me a lot or you're not getting me at all so yeah keep it interesting.

Don't just text just the text because if you get into this boring conversation that's nothing she can just stop interested in you.

Well, it would have been better just to not text at all so you would still have the interest, of course, you need to text her like often but keep it interesting and talk about something that matters.

You could talk about like things going on in the world whatever like that but don't talk about anything like what did you eat today like nobody cares.

So yeah the last thing is a great thing to doing girls over text is teasing to keep it interesting so yeah you could do that but make sure that you knows that you're choosing by using the right emoticons so that she doesn't think you're just sad.

So yeah so those were my basic rules for texting girls if you have any other ones that you think I missed or that it got wrong to let me know in the comments down below and also if you have just extra ones.

Whenever leaving down below because we're trying to help each other out right here I love you guys so much, and I'll see you next time.